Hello to the wonderland of CINELITA.

We are here to give you the wonderful insight view of the world independent cinema and Literature. CINELITA goes at a par with the artistic cinematic and literary creation. We go on with the insight of the indie cinema submitted in our film festival. We have four international festival, which gives you the glimpse of the realistic art every now and then. The films those are awarded or officially selected get wonderful review by the eminent film critic from around the world. The reviews give the pre-frame of the films you are about to watch. That is our looking for a different horizon.

CINELITA not only reviews the films, also brings wonderful interviews of the renowned film makers from around the world. You can know from them what actually is the story behind the making of the film and the film maker’s life and process of film making. In today’s world, independent film makers make their films with their sweat and blood and we give them the dignity as they deserve. Our motto is to place literature and cinema before the readers and viewers with accurate information and explanation.

We think of literature with same vision as for the independent cinema. Literature and cinema has a reciprocal relations with each other. From the time immemorial literature has been the medium of expression for any individual and social issue. We count on that. The most important thing is that independent literary creators has to face the same situation like independent film makers. So we are on the way with the poems, fictions, short story, Novel, Articles all that it has.

CINELITA focuses the reviews, interviews and literary creation on the basis of four international film festivals conducted by us. TRIPVILL FILMEDIA is the umbrella organization of Tripvill International Film Festival, Golden Valley Global Cinefest, Globe Roaming Global Film Festial, TRIPVILL TV Global Cinefest, TRIPVILL TV, Film Maker’s Service. All those are reflected in the magazine of CINELITA. So to get the flavour of the ultimate creation in our planet, let us look for a different horizon with CINELITA.

Have good days ahead.


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