Director : Andy Morahan

United Kingdom


The universal truth of a conflict between the traditional culture and the cutting edge environment, the wonderful representation of the theme through the way of life, narrating the tremendously real story of life before the lens has made BOOGIE MAN an astonishing film making. Actually it has been a cinema in true sense rather than a mere film. Not only that, the film directed by renowned film director Andy Morahan has truly show what actually a film language is! In today’s film, films are story is not being told in the language of cinema, it has just been an entertainment with frequent fast cut editing. But Boogie man has shown how a film can bear two sides at the same time, the entertainment  value and cinematic expression.  Andy Morahan has proved that the two sides of a film can be maintained in such a manner which becomes an actual claim in the film market along with in the history of cinema. This is the first and foremost factors lying in the film BOOGIE MAN.

Theme of the film makes a script stronger. The theme of the film BOOGIE MAN has been a unique one. Basically the theme shows the conflict between the tradition and modern changes. But the uniqueness of this film is that the conflicts has also been shown in the backdrop of cross cultural environment. This uniqueness has made a wonderful storyline which aims the audience living in a number of continents. The storyline depicts an Indian guy who resides in London with his parents who always want to maintain their crude tradition. But the modern day’s extravagant culture in London diverts the boy from the path shown by his parents. But fact is that, the new culture he enters into also diverts him towards another destination, which can be called noting else but an extravagant lifestyles of the film stars, which is a remarkable phenomenon in today’s world.  THE BOOGIE MAN by Andy Morahan, this way has created an example in the film world.

The storyline of the film is just as a par with the script. The script of the film is very compact with the topic and it has been followed in strict way. No unnecessary scene or shot has been added and every shot and even image has a distinct value in sense of a cinema. Music has been a very important factor in the movie and it has been so much meaningful that in today’s world of film should have a lesson from it. A good film gives importance on the message to be delivered through the film, story line only follows the script made to deliver the message for the people. This rule has been uniquely followed in the film and BOOGIE MAN has thus been the model of the cinematic representation of an individual and society. The environment around the peoples who belong to upper strata of the society particularly the stardom has been shown wonderfully.  BOOGIE MAN will create a sensation among viewers, undoubtedly can be said.

The Director of the film made a compact theme. The script of the film is just at a par with the theme, desired to throw the message of the cultural conflicts to the viewers. The storyline has been very much attractive. Added to it the cinematography and editing can claim superlative uniqueness. This uniqueness made the film attractive from various approaches. Another important thing to place here is that the acting of the characters is basically wonderful. It reflects the life and portrait of natural individual. Sometimes it seems whether it is real or not.  Particularly the acting of KUSH KHANNA and AMY JACKSON has touched the peak of art. If we look into the overall representation, it can be said undoubtedly that after much more days, this type of film has been made. As it is said earlier that the film is the successful representation of an amalgamation of art and commerce. The success surely lies here.

BOOGIE MAN is really a unique cinematic presentation .


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