Director : Dier Zhang

Experimental film

United States

The wonderful presentation of the time-space-physique with extreme sense of universal mystic feelings has made the film COLLECTIVE RITUALS a beautiful cinematic experience. As an experimental film it got a tremendous hype in this complex world of cinema. Director DIER JHANG in her film has tried to show the invisible mystery of our life, which we can not see with our corporial eyes. The most spectacular fact of this film is it’s compact film language, which is seldom seen in today’s cinema. The theme filmed in a unique manner is apparently showing the movements of the cars and the peoples in the street of Los Angeles, insight of the film tells the mysterious story of the universal truth of our life. In terms of script, screenplay, non-fixedL acting COLLECTIVE RITUALS has created an example in the current world of cinema. The director of the film is telling us the story of the actual formula of our livelihood.

COLLECTIVE RITUALS shows us the complex mathematics In our daily life. May be it has been made in the city of Los Angeles, but the appeal of the film has been universal. universal law, time and space multiplication is entirely conserved. Basically the film deals with the time-space structure in our three dimensional world. In accordance with the law space and physique always have to adjust with each other to maintain this time-space factor constant. The film has shown the city of Los Angeles cars and peoples movement from different angle. This has been the theme of the script. The screenplay has been wonderfully based upon it. Theme has been projected in a unique way. How much this complex mathematics is important in our daily life, it has been shown as a master stroke in making film. The compact screenplay has developed the sense that all of us are bound to abide by the abstract but natural law.

DIER JHANG, the director of the film has maintained the dignity of film language which is seldom found in modern world of film. A successful film always tells in film language. A film which takes place in the history of cinema always tells the words in film language. It is doubtless to say that only compact and strong film language only could have told this mathematics in such a beautiful experimental film. Every moment of the film has told the story of the universal law. An experimental film must have a unique film language and proper representation of it with camera. It does not require so called extravaganza of vfx, of editing or artificial way to mark a good content in a film. All it needs the research and study with the topic and the proper way of representation. COLLECTIVE RITUALS have been such a film which can only be give an absolute adjective, that is ‘WONDERFUL’.

A film is made with a camera. It is not always true. Actually a good film is always made with a good content. So we find the camera working here properly showing the content, that is it’s wonderful screenplay, against the traditional thoughts that screenplay must have dialogues. It has been proved in film that the image is stronger than traditional languages. Every shot and image of the film has to the point projection of the script, which is the most extra ordinary character of the film. Every image of the film is adjustable to each frame captured by the camera. Cinematography has not eaten up the cinema here. If we name the film genre of this film is an utmost research film, it would not be meaningless at all.


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