Directed by : Neel Esh Patel

When a man looks for his future, when with great dreams in heart and eyes along with challenge to face, he must have something abstract or physical before her eyes. But along the lonely way, when he walks down, then only one identity can help him to reach his goal, that is unique and wonderful movie MR DESHEE by Neel Esh. Woven with the heart rendering story line, filled with compact script and acting, measured editing and frame to frame meaningfulness has made the story of a man incredible in the movie MR DESHEE. The United states movie has an essence of Indian dreamer facing different problems, especially the human smuggling racket has not only made the movie a mere story, but also a universal documentation in the history of cinema. Neel Esh has created this uniquely.

The theme of the story revolves around the story of a man living in India with an ambition to settle in United States for getting larger scope for doing something in life. With this view he leaves for USA with agents. But reaching the new land he has to face human trafficking racket and different challenges. How he overcame all these obstacles and how he at last fulfills the dream has been the backbone of the storyline. In the theme of MR DESHEE individual’s fight for establishing the ambition, social and global background, human relationship and journey of life has been captured beautifully with wonderful cinematography. Firstly, the theme has made the movie highly enriched which is seldom found today. Every scene of the movie tells the story of such a man, which is really unique and inspiring.

The theme of the storyline has been represented by wonderful script and screenplay. The journey of Mr. Deshee has been beautifully drawn in the script with compactness. The editing has never been extravagant. It has gone at a par with the demand of the script in strict way. The natural and artificial light both are very much adjustable along with natural sound. The acting for the characters has no overlapped feature. All the characters have played their roles as they are running their natural life. The most spectacular aspect of Neel Esh’s film is the amalgamation of content and the presentation. A good film must have this quality and MR DESHEE has passed out successfully. Actually, here is latent, the mystery of the success of the film. It seems that it has made it’s own unique genre

The most vital part of a film is it’s film language. In today’s film world this is seldom fount. But uniquely Neel Es’s MR DESHEE has established this firmly and for that no traditional or enlisted language is required to learn. The shots and the frames will tell you the heart of the story and you will get lost in a journey which will make you so much energetic that you will feel everything is possible in this world if you have effort, if you have promised. In time of watching sometimes it is felt that the Director his not telling his own story, actually telling our story. Everybody of us have this dormant will to conquer the world in our own way and great belief and confidence will grow within ourselves that we can do it, we can also fulfill our dreams. Undoubtedly the film is a landmark in the arena of modern days cinema world.

Last but not the least, MR DESHEE is an actual documentation of the recent international problems of inhuman trafficking and likewise. A MUST WATCH film MR DESHEE has created a permanent impression on viewers’ heart and brain. The reality is the flavor of this film. If anybody misses to watch, he will miss a precious gift in life.

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