By Paul De Metairy


A TRIPVILL REVIEW : A deep rooted analysis of the social and universal complexity in a particular circle, Making it woven with a unique story line of practical life and above all finding out the bigger problems latent in the children’s arena ….. These three dimensions have defined the wonderful film TEENAGERS by the Director Paul De Metairy. It is doubtless to say that when modern cinema is going to achieve mostly the entertainment value, Paul with his lifelong actions with cinema has gone down a different way with his veteran experience on not only society but also the history of film. Even staying away from all traditional dimensions of the genres of the film, TEENAGERS have been the symbol of success in the history of independent films which can only be compared with the classics in the history. At a par with it, the camera, sound, light, action and editing has touched the hype of the creative success which is hardly achieved by any filmmaker in contemporary time. All that TEENAGERS has the wonderful presentation of a social issue related to the definition of religion, which still makes a sensation in the global society till now.

Lucas-Erwin-Alexis has woven the spiral wave of the theme which has been reflected in the storyline of the film TEENAGERS. The most important thing is a problem, regarding the religious attitude which rocked the whole world in the beginning of the twenty first century has been the backbone of the script. A story of a film should not be told to viewers outside the screen, but it can be destructed that the life line curve of a child and his struggle with the odds has brought the essence of the cinema, which gradually brings the greater social context with the apparent conflict value among the children. That is the main theme which has turned into a good script, compact and content oriented script and screenplay and put before the camera for the capturing the lively shots of the life. Paul has made the TEENAGERS in such a way, which is unique and has established him as a credible and successful Director for not only French cinema but also the world cinema too. It is unique really.

A child far away from the affection of the parents, mental exploitation upon him tries to make him a rebel from his inside. Outside arena of religious movement inspires him to go for the religious rebellion. Can we call it an early forecast of dictionary word Radicalization? How far the Director can see the reality of history to come, which is rarely found in today’s film maker. The storyline of the film has been narrated shot by shot in a subjective and pin point way. Every image of the film is meaningful and promised to the script before it. TEENAGERS has shown the viewers and critics the real essence of cinema, in the circle of independent film. The apt and appropriate light, wonderful acting of the children, the support of the entire cast and crew has brought to such a hype which is really an incomparable on. The reality of life has been extremely enlightened with the cinematic effort of the Director Paul De Metairy. Paul has not only made a film, he has made a history.

A film gets ultimate success when it can make a unique film language. Especially in case of Narrative features we can assume that a good film will have a successful film language which can be showcased as a masterpiece. TEENAGERS has this ability. In every shot and every image along with the story line there runs a hidden significance which has been able to enrich the motto of the screenplay. When we consider a particular frame of Paul, it reflects that we are on the way to go in depth analysis of something, which we can’t wait for. This film language has established itself beyond the scenes, shots, cuts, image and frames of cinema. This abstract presentation with the help of a unique story line as the film TEENAGERS made.

Without any hesitation, TEENAGERS has been able to establish itself as a masterpiece in the field of independent cinema. As we get a here an attractive storyline, in the same way we get here the unique value of independent cinema. Last but not the least, PAUL DE METAIRY has made a history with his wonderful TEENAGERS.


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