The Alliance

The Alliance

Director : Robert L Butler jr.

United States


The untold story from a told society, the compact theme with attractive storyline , the proper presentation in a unique cinematic way is the basics of a movie.  The ALLIANCE 2019 has proved it successfully. Untold story of the drug peddlers, The told story of the modern world, the compact theme of the consequence of life and proper representation by unique acting really will attract the viewer every moment.  Director Robert J Butler Jr has made the film with full of his endeavour and charisma. It is really wonderful to see that in such a world where only to earn money in film making by the large house are on, Robert has successfully amalgamated the art and commerce in making a film in unique way. The materialistic theme, proper script , actual screenplay, frame to frame film making, brilliant acting performance along with unique cinematography with good shooting brings us to such an world, where we get lost to when find the new and secret reality of our life and around.

The main theme of the film revolves around a burning issue of the present society, especially in some areas of the earth. The prohibited drug smuggling is profitable business as millions of customers are there who take drugs behind the screen of the society. Taking the advantage of this habit a racket of drug dealers have come out since last few decades and it has been an established parallel business. But as there is no regulatory authority, the peoples behind this business often come into conflict with each other. The consequence of this conflict results into death and murder. This horrible underground society has wonderfully picturized in the film THE ALLIANCE 2019. Robert has started with the glimpse of the conflict, goes ahead with conflict with complexity and finishes with the ground real consequence of death. In the film, you can get the documentation of a burning problem with efficient presentation through a narrative feature film.  Here is the uniqueness of the Director.

It is universally true that a film gets success when turns into a cinema. There is a vast difference between film and cinema. Cinema has it’s own history and also a permanent impression on viewers. We can feel that the movie THE ALLINACE 2019 is such a cinema. The script has gone at a par with the theme. Screenplay of the film has been written in compact way so that it cannot overlap the definition of a good movie and cannot make the viewer feel monotonous. All time curiosity has been maintained in the film. Storyline has strictly followed the problem of the society and it’s consequence. THE ALLIANCE 2019 has shown that a good liaison among the script writer, researcher and the storyline maker can make a masterpiece. The spectacular side of the script is the film language which is seldom found in today’s movie . The film has maintained the balance of the artistic and commercial value at the same time.  The content is the life of a film, that has been proved here again and again .

Each frame of the film has been tremendously meaningful. No extravaganza is seen. Amalgamation of the images which form a shot is really maintaining the pace of the film throughout the film. The cinematography has followed the script in wonderful way and the sound designing also does the same. The overall presentation is a masterstroke. The whole story and the description should not be there in any review or criticism as the film has also some rite to remain secret till you watch it. So all that we can say that the film has been made with it’s all power and energy and the Director of the film ROBERT L BUTLER Jr, has successfully fulfilled the demand of a good film or a good cinema. Sometimes we have seen the scenes talks only with it’s own environment around and with the dialougeless actions of the actors.  It has been tremendously meaningful and cinematic. Here the importance of the film language is hidden. This wonderful representation of the film language has made the movie historic masterpiece.

Director ROBERT L BUTLER jr has a different outlook in film making. He has not gone through the traditional way of cinema. Telling story is not only motto but an wonderful and attractive story line has always been the backbone of his film. THE ALLIANCE 2019 has been the unique example of that creation . Here we see the actual success of the film.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, The Alliance 2019 is rally a landmark in film making.


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