The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Director : Dawn Gifford Engle


With the incredible documents of the untold life, it’s wonderful cinematic expression and the unseen side of an incarnation can be only adjectives for the Documentary film THE DALAI LAMA : SCIENTIST by Dawn Gifford Engle. Unseen, unheard and unsung invisible life of a great man The Dalai Lama has been the unique theme of the film. The cinematic representation of the science adventure of him is captured frame by frame with no extravagant and unnecessary cut-shot of editing. The smooth running of the flow of information, Frame by frame representation of excellent cinematography, the delicate analysis of the incidents took place every moment in life of Dalai Lama is the actual treasure of the film which has been uniquely directed by Engle. In today’s world documentary film is nothing more than gathering of the information, sometimes with the sugar quoted fabrication. But The Dalai Lama: Scientist has been far from this madding crowd to show that the life is so adventurous, particularly the life of Dalai Lama, who is the icon to a vast majority of the peoples. Dawn has uniquely presented it in unique cinematic way. The film has already own the Tripvill International Film Festival’s best documentary award and overwhelmingly appreciated in Venice Film Festival also.

The theme of the documentary revolves around the untold story of Dalai Lama. The incarnation of Dalai Lama 13 is also a scientist. He was born in a remote village of Tibet and suddenly was discovered as the incarnation in accordance with Tibetan school of Buddhism. Then he was brought to Lhasa and was given the inheritance. But most spectacular side of his character except his right to be the top man at the Buddhist hierarchy and kingdom, he has always been a silent scientist. His philosophy is centred on the rational thoughts of modern days. Dawn has tried to manifest this unique side of his character in this documentary. Religion and Philosophy are entirely different and it has been proved here. This theme and it’s unique way has proven that it is documentary made with different wonderful thoughts and ways. Here remains, why this film is extremely different in positive way.

It is notable to see that Dawn is such a film director who have been entirely successful in making a legible film language. Going away from the traditional film making, she has been successful to create a language which has given the film a significant meaning. If you look at the waving flag chain of Tibetan Buddhism, you would surely feel the lively touch of the life at a par with the philosophical activities. In every shot of film the spiritualism has been projected through modern science even the latest decades of computers. So it has been an extra-ordinary effort to analysis a religious and philosophical person in light of the most recent scientific thoughts and action. Added to it , new information so far hidden about Dalai Lama and science has been delicately shown in the documentary film. Actually THE DALAI LAMA : SCIENTIST has been a new definition in modern documentary film making.  

As a presentation, this documentary has been actually a cinema rather than a film. The work of camera, the arrangement of light and beautiful editing has made it a unique one. The shots are appropriately edited according to the requirement of film-script. The interviews taken in the film has never been out of topic. A flavour of the little travel is also seen when you watch the film. The film-script has been successfully turned into a good screen-play. And at a par with the screenplay the shooting took place. It is a must see documentary film no doubt.

The last but not the least, the documentary has been unique…unique and unique.


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