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If you want a real thought for livelihood, if you want to have a feeling that will give you the flavour of your dream, of your wills fulfilled, you have to live within the children’s’ heart and only the way to enter into it is the incredible and wonderful film THE EVE. The word is signifying X-mass eve being the way to into the wonderland Santa Clause, to get the real flavour of happiness. Director LUCA MACHNICH has opened the doors of Santa Clause in his film, not in the traditional way we have been watching around the world. In the film Santa has been angel of hidden happy life, his world has been the real aspiration of mankind.  According to the Director, THE EVE is a story that echoes the style of the great American thriller writer Robert Bloch (whose novel “Psycho” was filmed by Hitchcock) in its macabre irony, of Dino Buzzati, the famous Italian. May be, but the unique identity of Luca has made the film actually turned into a cinema as there is a vast different between a film and a cinema.

THE EVE is the amalgamation of a strong thought, strong script, unique story-line and the incredible representation by the characters. The delicate analysis of the human mind and psychology through a traditional festival has made the film a masterstroke. The thoughts of looking for the real happiness woven with wonderful fantasy have been the backbone of the film. The script has strictly followed that motto. Not only that there are no extravagant dialogues or editing, as a result it has given a macabre positive output. When viewers go for this short film, first he enters into the happy Santa clause world but gradually he becomes involved into the immortal and universal psychological truth of human being. Whatever be the fairyland of Santa, it has been the unique of world human happiness. You have to look for or you have to find out . THE EVE with its script has successfully represented the thought and idea, as script is the backbone of a film.  THE EVE has done that.

Simon is the central character of the film. This child was very much lucky to have everything he needs as his parents are financially affluent. But despite having all these he was not happy.  The materialistic world around him signalled that his happiness is somewhere else. He felt that there is something more we can see around us but feel it in our mind. So he starts to think to reach that hidden world of truth.  As a fairy tale he had the knowledge that only Santa Clause can give him the address. Most of children gets toys from him, but toys are not attractive to Simon rather to go for the wonderland he lives in. The story-line goes on with other fantasy-incidents, particularly horrible events took place in his family on the eve of the Christmas. The event proved that the wonderland of real truth must be somewhere else. The story line of the film is actually the way of making viewers aware of the real address of joys and makes them feel that the happiness is in imagination.

The film THE EVE has already been awarded 268 times around the world. LUCA is already a recognized as a film director in world arena. Not only that the film is not only the instant bubble in the filmworld, it will have a long term impression in the history of cinema. Though Luca has a strong heritage of being the grand-nephew of Anton Machnic , a pioneer in Italian cinema and Italian cinema has always been the front runner from the time of NEW WAVE MOVEMENT. So many awards for the film proves that THE EVE has been recognized as a true film for the individual and social atmosphere. The acting part of the film has been the really unique one and along with proper editing depicting the shot and image in a stricker way made the film so much valuable.  The adequate and necessary usage of light, creative cinematography has increased the appeal of the film internationally. The Eve has been the story of cinema itself.


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