The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Directed By : Uwe Schwarzelder

A realistic depth of feelings, a dramatic gradual ascent to a hidden truth, a clear cinematography, a unique direction with following acting made the film THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD, a masterstroke. A very delicate theme amalgamated with unique story line, capturing it shot by shot surely gives credit to the Director and Actor Uwe schwarzwalder. The most important feature of the film has been its simple film language which is at the same time attracts the viewer and critics both. Shot division and the takes are really making the film a permanent definition in the history of cinema. Awarded in many festival including Tripvill International Film festival and Golden Valley Global Cinefest, the film THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD has created it’s own place in the world of cinema which is rarely found today. So the film has been a lesson for the film makers also.

The theme of the film revolves around the much discussed contemporary historic term RADICALIZATION. This word in the film title once at glance remind us the history of Europe in modern times. And JEFF BOYD is the representative of the mysterious way of the history. Story should not be expressed in any analysis because it is left for the viewers viewing. But the gradual development in the story proves that history of the radicalization step by step. Screenplay and the script is just running at a par with each other. And naturally each and every shot created in the film reveals that an actual film maker like UWE can make the perfect film language for the cinema. In modern times where entertainment has been the basic motto of films, THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD is standing far from there with it’s unique identity. The plots and sub-plots gradually amalgamates in a strong message to the world, which is unique, which is realistic, which is cinematic.

The critics’ eyes were on the shots and results out. Each and every shot, each and every frame is talking of the script directly without any complex way of representation. Here we see the success of the film. The angle of the camera in making frame with wonderful light arrangement has been apt and appropriate. It is also true that the acting is the backbone of a film. Each actor and actress including the director himself incredibly has pictured the characters of the story.Weakness, vulnerabilities, thought provocative attitude and the essence of real life has been the soul of the acting. Viewers can see the lively throwing of dialogues through utterance along with facial and physical expression in unique way. All the characters in the film play as they are In real life situation. In the story line A businessman meets a woman. Along with their conversation and real life thoughtfulness, a dangerous plan grows up. This plan has been haunting the shadow of the history every moment through out the film RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD.

The film has been awarded in almost all categories in different film festivals. No doubt the recognization with such an amount makes the film a ‘must watch’. Director and central actor Uwe schwarzwalder has been successful in both role. Others also supported every moment of film. TRIPVILL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, has recognized the film as the best of all. In different scenes and shots the movie has followed the film language. Sudden fading out in picture, going back to the black and white shot, frequently reminding the history and early incidents related to the entire radicalization of Jeff Boyd. The personal life of human being, where get affected by the contemporary ever growing grater history, showing it is another important aspect of the film. The daily life turns into something else with a single incident related to the grater history made the film historically valued for all time. It has never been the complex and beyond the feeling presentation to make art. Art should be easier to understand. The artistic method of representation of life and livelihood has been the soul of UWE’s film THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD.

Last but not the least, THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD is really a cinematic Presentation.


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