This Case & My Life

Ana P. Braunstein, the edge maker in her film has created a masterpiece. This Case & My Life, the film from United States has really created a sensation. The film is the perfect definition of cinema.

With a thought provoking story line, amalgamated with the compact script, the movie THIS CASE & MY LIFE has created a permanent impression in the hearts of viewers. The in depth analysis of the human character and the professional world has enriched the film and made it valued much more in the contemporary context. Not only that, the editing at a par with the script and the frame to frame depiction of the storyline is wonderful and seldom to observe. Director Ana has shown what a cinema actually is and what actually a film language is also. You will never found anything which is not at variance with the movement of the storyline. The story of the film is not only to watch, but also the touch the heart and to analyse the fact that we have been facing in our mental and professional life both. You can learn here what a film actually is.  
United States Director Ana A P Braunstein’ script focuses on the complexity of life, particularly a conflict between professional and personal life. The slow but steady psychological shift of the characters has been the backbone of the theme. Protagonist Chris Roberts’ character actually tells the story of the gradual evolution of the psychological and social atmosphere around us. On the way of a successful career sometimes comes the slow motion problems, which turn into serious one gradually. The fact is that Ana has tried to picturise this hard but real, behind the screen drama of human beings. Sometimes in time of watching the movie you will feel that it is telling your own story, only the time and space are different. It proves the universality of the film, which is seldom found today.

Chris is a successful lawyer in a New York city Law farm. He has many complicated cases and his relationship is to catch up with him. His long time law partner Mark, with whom he had to deal, is closing in on him for resolution. And his long-time executive assistant Kathy Welch played by Ana P. Braunstein is caught in the middle trying to manage his professional and personal life. She is secretly considering quitting her job at the firm. Chris’s life is about to change when a detective enters the picture. And the day brings him other shocking news. Based on this storyline the movie has centrifuged all the delicate problems of life in a unique manner. In that case the movie THIS CASE & MY LIFE has not only been a mere story telling, it made an aura around it with cinematic values.
Direction is the most vital part of movie making. ANA has successfully done it. In detailed analysis it can be undoubtedly said that the move is complete from scripting to editing. The script and the screenplay is tight enough. The storyline is very touchy.

Acting part of the film is really wonderful . Mark Karten and Monica Phillips, besides the Director herself have acted in a line that never allowed any extravagant and unnecessary meaningless amusements. Rather it has been an entertainment with a serious message to the peoples and the society. Measured acting, Apt and appropriate editing has made the movie a masterpiece. The overediting, which is the problem today, has never overlapped the backbone of the film THIS CASE & MY LIFE.
Cinema is actually a picturization. And when the picture tells the story being far away from the dialogue, it is a good cinema. But Ana’s movie THIS CASE & MY LIFE has run with the both. It’s dialogues are telling the entire story but at a par with it the symbolisation and frame by frame picture glance is irrespective of any particular language. So if the viewers don’t have subtitles in his own language or do not understand the language of dialogue, he can still understand the movie and that is the successful story of film language Ana has made. Basically the implementation of film language is seldom found in today’s movie world. But Ana’s film can be considered as a real art of film language. This is the story behind the story of THIS CASE & MY LIFE.
The beginning of the film is with a sensation and all the time it prevails there. The universal questions arise in viewers’ minds and they go on continuously getting the answers. This has brought a new essence in the film. In overall approach, the film is really a cinema which creates the probability of getting much more in the future from the director.

Ana P. Braunstein , director from United states has always been in creative world. Cinema runs in her blood. Writing and imagination, in both world , she can roam smartly and smoothly. The approach of a film maker in film making should be extremely unique. Ana has proved it undoubtedly.


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