Directed by : Dr. Sophia Romma

United States


Experimental film


Film has it’s own language and Dr. Sophia Romma can speak that. Experiments with the phantasm and reality in her film USED AND BORROWED TIME sometimes seems to be the next turn of magic realism in the history of cinema. Based on the White supremacy on Afro Americans in the backdrop of civil rights movement the film tells a universal truth. With excellent script woven with the phantasm showing the fairy tale of the time, which may come back again with new face is unique. Wonderful representation through acting likewise has established the film as really experimental. The Editing of the film strictly followed the script without any traditional extravaganza. Frame by frame presentation of the thoughts and action is really far from the tradition and proves extensive research of Sophia on film and film content along with the history of cinema.  It is a must see movie for them who like the film language and appropriately knows what an experimental film is .

The film is an experimental film. It means some experiments have been made by the film maker to keep the film far away from the tradition. It can proudly be said that Sophia has been able to complete it successfully. The storyline revolves around the racist American attitude grew among whites and their clans in Sixties when civil rights movement was at hype. An activist and poet from the Afro American is the counterpoint. How a love – relationship between a Jewish girl and a black American young boy jeopardised and how the clan eliminated the youth from this corporeal world, is the theme of the film. Added flavour is Sophia shows that the same event is mysteriously coming down on earth in a way of phantasm and this is the unique feature of the film. The different frame of the shots have been taken in unique way, really incredible! The time has been used and the time has been borrowed, this is the backbone of the thought process adopted by Sophia.

USED AND BORROWED TIME has successfully presented the film in it’s film language which is seldom found today. Staying away from the traditional, technologically impoverished cinema, Sophia shown that the most strong language is the film language. The costumes, reactions and the dialogues always presents the language which is not required to be explained linguistically. The concept of film language was first seen in the new wave movement in cinema in European continent. The film is talking about that film language which is really a wonderful story of the history of the cinema. The characters acting there are just representing the thought of the scripts in compact way. Naturally the film has not become just a narrative of the history of the civil rights movement, not the documentation of the segregation at that time. This film language and it’s wonderful presentation has made the film really a lesson for the creative film makers. Dr. Sophia’s research has been successful.

A film largely gets success upon his editing. In time of watching the film it will be proved that editing has never crossed the limit. Successful editing, maintaining the thought process of the director made the film more attractive. Cinematography is clean and fair which successfully captured the reality of the environment. The usage of the camera has been measured, no extravaganza we see there.  Characters playing there like Cam, Emily, Kelley and Grant are delicate there to manifest the motto of the theme.  The usage of light is measured there also. USED AND BORROWED TIME has been such a beautiful teamwork under the control of the Director, can only be compared with the legendary other films followed new wave.  The sound and Dubbing has been delicately successful. Apart from the technological side , the art has got a unique shape in the film. Making the script woven with the technology the film has been established itself from artistic point of view.

In today’s world film has made a target to make money. But USED AND BORROWED TIME has been a little away from that. The basic thought, amalgamation of it with history, representation of it in a way of phantasm has no forefathers. What Sophia made is the starting of another chapter in the history of cinema. Sophia and it’s film both are really a revolution in the world of cinematic thinking.


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